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The one thing that can completely ruin the appearance of a clean bathroom or kitchen is having dirty tile and grout. Dirt in grout lines can sink in, making it hard to clean and leaving you with frustrating grey and soiled lines. No one truly enjoys cleaning grout, particularly with difficult-to-remove stains.

If you have dirty grout lines in your kitchen or bathroom floors, bathtub, or shower that are too hard to clean on your own, contact us at Floor Restore & More in Winter Haven, Florida, today to help your bathroom looking beautiful again!

Tile and Grout - Floor Restore & More - Winter Haven, FL

Ways to get your grout looking new again without having to completely retile your bathroom or kitchen.

Use Oxygen Bleach

This cleaning product, when mixed with water, attaches to stain molecules, breaking them down into small pieces that can then be wiped away.

Vinegar and Baking Soda

Use a 50/50 solution and scrub with a brush.

Hire a Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Company

This is by far the easiest solution (and better for your back too). Hiring a professional company can help you save time and effort if you have a large or difficult project. They have all the equipment and cleaning solutions (most environmentally friendly) that can help to solve even the hardest tile & grout problems.

Grout Cleaning Service

At Floor Restore & More in Winter Haven, FL, we offer grout cleaning service that will keep your tile in top shape.
Tile and Grout - Floor Restore & More - Winter Haven, FL
If you have dirt or other debris that gets stuck in your grout, over time it can break down and weaken the tile, resulting in cracks and other problems that will require replacement of the floor. Dark spots or discoloration in your grout can also impact the look and feel of any room in your home. At Floor Restore & More, we offer grout cleaning service that will keep your tile in top shape. In addition to maintaining the integrity of the tile, grout cleaning service also offers a visual appeal. Newly cleaned grout helps your floor to look brand new, adding value to your home.

You can take a stab at cleaning grout yourself, but it requires a lot of elbow grease, along with a toothbrush or other small scrub brush to fit in the small space. Instead of taking this on yourself, save time and stress by calling us today to schedule a time that we can take care of this item on your to-do list for you. We offer fast service, so your schedule won’t be disturbed.

At Floor Restore & More, we offer grout cleaning service to residential and commercial properties in Winter Haven, Florida and some of the surrounding cities. In addition to grout cleaning, our team of flooring experts can also seal and re-color your grout if you have stains or other problems. We specialize in a wide range of flooring repair and cleaning, so we can restore and improve the look of just about any type of flooring. Please contact us today for more information on our grout cleaning service.

Happy Customers

Floor Restore is AMAZING!!! When I moved here I bought a house that had tile all throughout. There were stains all over in the grout and I couldn't get them out. Bryan Meeks from Floor Restore came and cleaned all of my grout and it looks like a brand new floor! He was very knowledgeable in his field and even took the time to explain to me how to take care of my floor and keep it in good condition! Love this business!

Amber K.

Floor Restore & More is a company everyone needs to have posted on the refrigerator door. The absolute wonders this company can do is mind blowing. My 14 year old grout looks brand new. My leather sofas look and feel the way they did when I first bought them. I look forward to having them back to restore and more.

Susan G.

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Tile and Grout - Floor Restore & More - Winter Haven, FL