Terrazzo Maintenance: How to Keep Your Floors Clean

A special floor like terrazzo requires special attention. There are certain measures that can be taken to make sure your floor stays clean. Particular cleaning rituals can be done at specific time tables to protect terrazzo floors from becoming dirty or ruined. Here’s...

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4 Tips for Keeping Your Terrazzo Beautiful

Terrazzo floors are a GREAT choice for any setting. They add a cool aesthetic to any room and have a way of being able to really WOW your guests. Whether it’s the foyer in your home or the lobby at your office, terrazzo floors can be perfect for any situation....

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The Carpet Cleaning You’ve Been Searching For

Do you have that secret room in your house that you don’t want any guests to enter because of how stained and dirty the carpet is? I’m sure anyone can relate! Keeping a carpet clean can sometimes be an uphill battle, especially if you have rug rats running around or...

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Residential Concrete Polishing for a Modern Look

Think you might be interested in concrete polishing for your home? We think it’s a great idea especially if you are going for a more industrial look for your home! There are many ways you can customize a concrete floor in your place of residence. One easy way this can...

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Commercial Concrete Polishing for Your Business

Have you ever been inside Home Depot? Or maybe you were looking for something in the garden section of Walmart? Or perhaps you have a Sam's Club membership? If so then your feet have most certainly walked upon a concrete polishing! This style of flooring is popular in...

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The 411 on Epoxy Flooring

We love epoxy flooring and we think you will too! So what exactly is Epoxy Flooring? Epoxy is a plastic paint, adhesive or a material made from synthetic thermosetting polymers containing epoxide groups. Basically, these floors are based on using a combination of...

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