Tile Cleaning: How to Take Care of the Tile in Your Home

Dec 29, 2014

Your floors are the most-used surfaces in your home. Whether it’s kids playing, pets running around, or normal foot traffic, your home’s floors can take a beating.

If your home has tile flooring, it is at particular risk of becoming dirty from wear-and-tear over time. Also, with all the different varieties of tile on the market, there are many different ways that you could clean them to keep them looking their best for years to come.

Sweep and vacuum your tile floors daily. Eliminating loose dirt and food crumbs, as well as wiping up spills immediately after they happen, will prevent your tile from turning grimy and stained.

If you have unglazed tile, seal it with a special sealer. If it happens to be glazed, ensure that the grout between the tile is sealed. Unsealed tile and grout can be stained by grease or scratched by regular use.

Although there are a variety of commercial products you could choose for your tile cleaning purposes, did you know that there are homemade, eco-friendly tile cleaning products you can make out of ingredients already found in the home?

Tile cleaning with naturally made products can not only protect your family and pets from harmful chemicals, but also help the environment.

Here is one recipe to create a natural tile cleaning solution for you to use on all of your tile surfaces:

Mix one part water with equal parts vinegar. You can also use an essential oil for a fresh scent. With a spray bottle, spray tile and use a cloth to wipe down the tile.

You can also clean tile and grout lines by combining baking soda and undiluted hydrogen peroxide. Scrubbing with a toothbrush, remove all of the dirt and grime. Then rinse with water to remove any residue.

If you have particularly grimy tiles, let us help you with your tile cleaning. At Floor Restore & More in Winter Haven, Florida we are experts in getting all of your floor surfaces as clean as the day they were installed. Call us today to help you with your tile cleaning and get your floors looking great again.