Terrazzo Maintenance: Keeping Your Floors Clean

Jul 20, 2021

A special floor like terrazzo requires special attention. There are certain measures that can be taken to make sure your floor stays clean. Particular cleaning rituals can be done at specific time tables to protect terrazzo floors from becoming dirty or ruined. Here’s a timeline for what can be done for your terrazzo maintenance.

Initial Terrazzo Maintenance

Congratulations on having your terrazzo floor refinished! We promise you won’t regret it!

Everyday Maintenance

A good floor needs daily attention to keep it looking beautiful! For terrazzo flooring, use a dust mop everyday to pick up loose dust and dirt that may be settling on your floors. If spills happen, clean them up immediately using a damp mop. Make sure you properly rinse your floors after cleaning a spill to avoid wear from detergent solutions. Be sure to check with a professional first to see if the detergent solution you are using is safe to use on your terrazzo floor. Harsh cleaners and sealers may damage the floor surface!

Weekly Maintenance

To clean up after dirt from light foot traffic, use a damp mop with all purpose cleaner. If your terrazzo becomes soiled within the week and is skid-inhibiting or a smooth surface, use a soft headed mop and hot water to clean the area.

Heavy Maintenance

Heavy maintenance is not likely to be needed seeing as terrazzo floors are more resistant to wear and chemical attack than other flooring. However, in the event that heavy maintenance is needed and your terrazzo needs to be refinished, we can polish out compromised areas in the finish and bring it back to new!

Proper Terrazzo Maintenance is Important!

A terrazzo floor can make a great first impression, but not if it’s messy and dirty. In order to keep your floor looking beautiful, terrazzo requires daily and weekly maintenance.

We would be happy to help walk you through how to maintain the upkeep of your terrazzo floor! If you have any questions on maintaining your terrazzo and how to do this safely and properly feel free to call (863)206-0073 or get a quote here!