It’s Saturday night and you were trying to make your homemade dinner a little more romantic by lighting some candles. Or you were simply trying to relax by lighting a scented candle after a hard day’s work. Or maybe it was a birthday and the wax on the bday candles started getting extra melty. Whatever the situation maybe all of us at some point or another have accidentally dripped candle wax on our carpets.

It can be a defeating moment as you watch the wax hit your carpet and instantly bind with the fibers. Luckily enough there’s a trick out there that removes candle wax from carpet! Follow these two steps below after you have a candle meltdown:

Step 1:

Grab a butter knife from your kitchen and begin scraping away at the wax. This will help loosen up the bigger chunks. Once you’ve loosened all the way you can, vacuum up the wax and repeat this step if there are still larger pieces to be removed. If you have Berber carpets, be careful! Scraping too vigorously on a Berber carpet could cause the loops to fray.

Candle wax spilled on the carpet | My Floor Restore | Lakeland, FL | If we can't restore it, you'd better refloor it!

Step 2:

Find a white cotton towel and lightly run it under some water to dampen it. Once the towel is damp fold it in half and put it right on top of the wax. Get your iron and make sure it’s set on high with heat and then press it over the towel for 10 seconds. It’ll be like magic; the heat from the iron will pull the wax out of the carpet into the towel.

Continue repeating this step until all the wax is out of the carpet. Keep in mind that if holding the iron for 10 seconds doesn’t work trying increasing the time – just be careful not to burn your carpets! That’s another blog post for another day.

If your towel starts to dry out, go ahead and re-wet it or if the towel your currently using becomes loaded with wax, grab a new damp towel.

Ta-Da! No More Candle Wax!

This two-step process should help you remove any candle wax from your carpet. Please keep in mind if there’s any discoloration left behind from the wax, don’t panic! Give us a call so we can professionally spot clean the area for you!

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