4 Tips for Keeping Your Terrazzo Beautiful

Aug 10, 2018

Terrazzo floors are a GREAT choice for any setting. They add a cool aesthetic to any room and have a way of being able to really WOW your guests. Whether it’s the foyer in your home or the lobby at your office, terrazzo floors can be perfect for any situation. However, like all beautiful things in life – they require a little TLC to ensure the floor always looks great. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to protect terrazzo! Here are four practical, everyday tips for keeping your terrazzo beautiful.


Tip #1: Keep it safe from UV Rays


Just like our precious skin needs protection from harmful UV rays, so does a terrazzo floor! If your terrazzo flooring is being bathed in sunlight, there’s a good chance that it’s fading the flooring. This can be prevented by closing blinds when possible or having nice curtains to shade your flooring.

Tip #2: Get a Doormat


Not only will your guest feel more welcomed, but your terrazzo will stay cleaner! In essence, this tip can apply to any floor, but it’s so important in maintaining the beauty of terrazzo flooring. Having a doormat at the entrance of your home or office will trap dirt, dust, loose pebbles and mud that may be entering along with you and your guests.


Tip #3: Use Caution with your Furniture


Whether you realize it or not, everytime you sit on any piece of furniture it is likely to move ever so slightly. Placing floor protectors on the bottom of your furniture will shield your terrazzo from being scratched or chipped – extending the longevity of the floor itself. Also in the event that you may be moving or installing furniture upon terrazzo, it’s important that you don’t drag or drop furniture upon the floor. A heavy piece of furniture can easily compromise your floor!


Tip #4: Clean Often and Safely

Life happens, so there will probably be a time when something is spilled on your terrazzo floor. In the event that this happens, clean it up immediately! Leaving spills or other material upon your floor can stain the terrazzo! However, don’t just clean with anything lying around the house. It’s important to note that tile cleaners, bleaches, oven cleaners and mildew removers should NOT be used on your terrazzo floor. Using any of these products will cause massive damage to your floor. Vacuuming and dusting are much safer and can still effectively keep your terrazzo clean. If you ever have a question about a cleaner for your terrazzo floor make sure you reach out to a professional before applying it. Over at Floor Restore and More, we would be happy to help guide you on proper cleaners for your terrazzo flooring! We understand that terrazzo isn’t a typical flooring type and it’s for this very reason that it deserves special attention. Call the experts at Floor Restore and More today if you have any other questions about keeping your terrazzo beautiful!