Floor Restore & More: Lakeland Terrazzo Floor Damage Restoration

Aug 24, 2021

Are your terrazzo floors damaged or in need of restoration? Not to worry! Floor Restore & More is here for you.

Terrazzo flooring was made popular in the mid-20th century. We call it the hidden gem – as it is usually covered by other flooring – but is a lifetime flooring for your home. If your floors are damaged and need to be restored, Floor Restore & More has you covered! We’ve put together an overview of the process for terrazzo floor restoration below.

How To: Restoring Your Terrazzo Floors

Not sure where to start with your damaged terrazzo floor restoration? At Floor Restore & More we offer the best terrazzo floor damage restoration in Central Florida. Terrazzo floors are one of the most versatile and unique floors in the world. They add a very unique texture to any room. As you can see, this type of flooring is very durable and will stand up to almost anything – except for chemicals and pets! Acidic products (such as cleaning chemicals) and pet urine are some of the only things that can hurt the finish of your terrazzo floors.

Even though it is durable, it can still have issues. You might notice that it is chipped or cracked. We are able to patch cracks or chipped areas. Every few years, we recommend some minor rebuffing in main walkways depending on wear, but overall it is a very low maintenance floor.

How To: Cleaning Your Terrazzo Floors

One of the best parts of having terrazzo floors in your home is that the regular up-keep is so easy! To clean your floor, you can use a steam mop or a traditional mop with Dawn dish soap. Could it be any easier than that? Besides being easy to clean, terrazzo floors are just dreamy to look at. We love the character this floor adds to a room.

Need More Than Terrazzo Floor Restoration Services, Lakeland?

If terrazzo floor restoration isn’t what you need, never fear! Floor Restore & More is here for you. To find out more about our flooring services or to get a quote, call us here!

Don’t forget, if we can’t restore it, we can refloor it!