Floor Removal Services

Jul 27, 2020

It’s 1990, green carpets are the coolest thing since sliced bread and homeowners are having them put in their homes left and right. Now let’s fast forward to 30 years later, it’s 2020 and many homeowners are wishing they wouldn’t have gone so crazy over the 90s green carpet trend. They long for a more timeless flooring like hardwood or a more modern flooring like marble but instead are stuck with their 1990s hunter green carpet.

What to do? So many homeowners have zero clue on the steps they should take in removing their old flooring. That’s where we come in!

At Floor Restore & More we understand that home decor trends change over time. We believe you shouldn’t have to be stuck with whatever floor you originally decided on for your home forever. You should always love the space you live in and we can make sure you feel that way.

So if you just moved into a new home and hate the flooring or you’re sick and tired of your current outdated flooring – give us a call! We offer professional and safe floor removal services. Our team of experts will come into your home and have the old material properly removed and hauled away. Then you can move forward with selecting the flooring you actually want in your home.

Ready to say goodbye to your old floors and hello to shiny new ones? Call Floor Restore & More today to schedule your floor removal service.