Commercial Concrete Polishing for Your Business

Oct 15, 2019

Have you ever been inside Home Depot? Or maybe you were looking for something in the garden section of Walmart? Or perhaps you have a Sam’s Club membership? If so then your feet have most certainly walked upon a concrete polishing! This style of flooring is popular in home improvement and big box stores so even if you haven’t ventured to the stores listed above, chances are you’ve seen concrete polishing!

Commonly seen in commercial or industrial applications, it’s likely this floor is popular in these mediums because of its sturdiness under high amounts of traffic. If you think about how much foot traffic stores like Home Depot and Lowes get on a daily basis then in make sense why they would be in need of such a tough floor!

One thing you do have to be careful of when going with concrete polished floors is acidic substances. When harsh chemicals or even urine make contact with this flooring type for too long it can damage the surface. So be sure to clean urine as soon as possible and check with our professionals at Floor Restore & More to learn proper applications for concrete polishing. As long as you follow the guidelines for the application you should have no trouble with this floor!

The great thing about concrete polishing is that it will last for many years to come. However, don’t fret if anything happens to your floor that requires a touch-up it is very easy to clean between full polishings.

If you’re looking for a floor for your commercial space with a similar look and feel to the floors in home improvement stores and need a floor that will look shiny and new for several years to come look no further than polished concrete! No matter how many people are walking across your concrete floors it will continue to give that great industrial look you’re after!