The 411 on Epoxy Flooring

Jul 2, 2018

We love epoxy flooring and we think you will too! So what exactly is Epoxy Flooring? Epoxy is a plastic paint, adhesive or a material made from synthetic thermosetting polymers containing epoxide groups. Basically, these floors are based on using a combination of resins and hardeners to create a customized look you can enjoy for years to come. So why are these floors becoming more and more popular? Let us give you the 411 on epoxy flooring!

Great for Custom Design

You can get pretty creative when it comes to designing an epoxy floor. There are several different kinds of epoxy: self-leveling, epoxy mortar, quartz-filled, anti-static and epoxy flake. All of these epoxy types allow great customization in color. Especially for the quartz-filled and flaked styles there are numerous options of quartz grains or color chips that can be paired with the epoxy to create vibrant and exciting floors. Using custom epoxy floor works great in man caves, garage floors, or rooms where you want a customized color or look!

Quick to have!

Another reason why epoxy flooring is so great is they are fast! What we mean is the cure time for epoxy is much quicker than other floors. Cure time is the time amount of time it takes to get satisfactory moisture content and temperature in any fresh cast. For epoxy, that time window is quite brief. With quick cure times, means there’s a speedy turnaround time for your brand new floor!

Several Applications

Another reason why epoxy floors are so great is because of its flexibility in application. Because these floors can not only look beautiful, but also be super durable it opens more doors for places where this floor can be utilized. For instance, let’s say you’re laying new floor in a manufacturing warehouse, where heavy machinery will be driven, you’re going to need a really strong a durable floor right? Epoxy mortar floors make for an excellent floor in this situation. Or perhaps you’re opening a brand new office space and need the floor in your lobby to make a statement as soon as visitors enter. Quartz-filled and epoxy flake to the rescue! Or what if you’re installing a floor in a new restaurant? With kitchen employees scurrying around and servers carrying trays full of food, slipping and falling is not an option! An anti-static epoxy floor would work perfectly in this kind of environment. So as you see, three very different scenarios all using epoxy flooring!

Install Your Own Epoxy Flooring!

The reasons are endless as to why you may need an epoxy floor. Maybe you’re looking for that beautiful custom look, need something that’s durable or need a new floor fast! Make epoxy your selection! At Floor Restore & More we love epoxy floors and what they can do for a room. We’re very experienced with installing this kind of floor and would be happy to help you install the epoxy flooring you’re looking for today. Contact us for your free quote and we can get the installation started!