10 Tips for Maintaining Your Polished Concrete Floor

Jul 27, 2021

Just by having a polished concrete floor in your home or place of business you are already saving big bucks. Other floor types can be more pricey and require daily maintenance. The nice thing about polished concrete floors is they can mostly hold their own, but you also want your floor to look as “polished” as it can be! For a polished concrete that will “wow” your visitors, here are 10 tips for maintaining your floor!

Tip #1: Microfiber Pad

Did you know concrete has soil as one of it’s ingredients? Soil functions as an abrasive and because of this attracts the dust particles from your surrounding environment. How can you combat this? By using a microfiber pad! Using these pads in your regular cleaning can remove dirt particles from micro digs. You’ll definitely want to implement this tip into your cleaning, because if not the dust can ruin the shine and clarity of your concrete floor.

Tip #2: Clean Mops and Water

If it’s time for a wet wash we highly suggest making sure your mop and the water your using are both clean! This seems like it would be a given, but so many people continue using mops far longer than they should.

Tip #3: Neutral Floor Cleaners

Do you have a polished concrete floor that sees a high amount of foot traffic? Whether it’s the foyer in your home or lobby of your company, polished concrete floors with high foot traffic need some extra love when it comes to a wet wash. For floors that don’t see high foot traffic you can often get away with just using clean water, but for these high trafficked spaces we suggest adding a neutral floor cleaner to your wet wash. By using these cleaners dust and debris are more likely to suspend from the floor making it easier to clean. If you’re unsure if your floor cleaner is a neutral floor cleaner, contact us with any questions and we’d be happy to help.

Tip #4: Get on Those Stains and Spills ASAP!

As soon as something spills on your concrete floor – CLEAN IT UP! Same with stains, even if you’re unsure of when the stain or spilled happened, don’t let it continue to make a home on your polished concrete floor. Ignoring stains and spills could mean absorption into your floor and eventually a decaying of the concrete.

Tip #5: Let the Cleaner do its Job

Whether you’re in a hurry or just generally hate cleaning and want to get it done as soon as possible, you can’t rush your cleaner! What we mean is you have to give the cleaner it’s time to mop up all debris and dust from your floor. This is especially important if you have any sticky or greasy residues on your floor, for it can damage the concrete if you don’t sufficiently clean it.

Tip #6: Be Systematic!

Having a system in your cleaning, especially for large areas like a place of business, will ensure a cleaner floor in the long run. Implementing a system that is required to follow will lead to having a shinier, cleaner concrete floor.

Tip #7: Don’t Let Your Cleaning Agent Dry

Allowing your cleaning agent to get dry on your floor is only going to add more work for you in cleaning it. Yes cleaning agent is super helpful, but making sure you wash it with water will keep the residue from the cleaner from clinging to your floor. The cleaner and water should go hand-in-hand not separately. Apply the cleaner and then wash it with a wet mop.

Tip #8: Use pH Neutral Materials

If you’re going to be adding a cleaner, as we mentioned in tip #3 make sure they are made with pH neutral materials. Using cleaners with materials like ammonia, citrus cleaner, pine based cleaners, bleaches, vinegar, etc. could further damage your polished concrete floor.

Tip #9: High Speed Burnishers

If over time you feel as if your concrete floor is losing it’s shine or polish you could try dry-running a high speed burnisher over the floor. You could also try wet burnishing, just make sure you’re using Guard, a polished concrete solution. Burnishing your floor with scrap all the dirt and dust of the floor and reinstate the shine!

Tip #10: Maintain the Floor

If your polished concrete floor sees a lot of action, then you may have maintenance to the floor every 2-5 years or so. This may be as simple as buffing the floor with special diamond pads or repeating 2-3 of the last concrete polishing steps to make it shine again, but it doesn’t have to be with Floor Restore & More!

We specialize in polished concrete floor and would be happy to provide you with a new shiny floor! If you think your concrete floor is due for a maintenance, give us a call at (863)206-0073 or get a quote here.