Painting can be so much fun, but can quickly turn disastrous. How many times have you taken on a painting project and accidentally knocked over the paint bucket or clumsily dropped your paintbrush? You probably saw what happened next unfold in slow motion. There was probably a pit in your stomach as paint made contact with your carpet fibers. You probably even thought “yep, my carpet is officially ruined!”

Hold that thought! Just because you accidentally spilled paint doesn’t mean this has to be the end of your sweet carpet’s career. There’s no need to panic!

As soon as you spill the paint on your carpet, dab as much as you can out of the carpet. Notice we said dab and not wipe. Do not wipe because this will only make a bigger mess. Once you’ve gotten up all that you can, apply a wet towel to the paint to keep the area moist.

Your next step? Call us immediately! We can help take care of any paint stains that are still lingering from your spill. We have the tools and the know-how to take care of pesky carpet stains, including ones caused by paint.

So don’t let spilling paint on your carpet keep you from being the artist you aspire to be, call Floor Restore & More today to take care of your stains!

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